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 There is an ever increasing demand on the development of new innovative materials, not only as part of the industrial infrastructure, but also to drive forth the advancement of the scientific and technological front. Here in the Master and Doctoral Subprogram in Materials Science, we use the most advanced methods both in experimental and theoretical sides covering from microscopic to atomic levels to propel research into the structures, the methods of synthesis, the physical and chemical properties and potential applications of various novel and innovative materials. The curriculum is organized along the following main lines of innovative materials research, i.e., Quantum Property, Quantum Theory, Materials Property, Materials Chemistry & Bioscience for the Master & Doctoral Programs, and Nanostructural Engineering for the Master Program. Students in this course study under the supervision of our able staff to obtain broad specialist skills and knowledge in materials science, and are expected to become innovative and resourceful researchers and professionals of international standards.

Subprogram Leader  Kiyoto MATSUISHI


Master's/Doctoral Program in Engineering Sciences Office
Room 500, 5th Floor, F Building, Institute of Engineering Sciences
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8573 Japan
Tel: +81-29-853-4996

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